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The purpose of this study is to explore the concept, objectives and policies of water resource management. Water resources management seeks to harness the benefits of water by ensuring there is sufficient water of adequate quality for drinking water and sanitation services, food production, energy generation, inland water transport, and water-based recreational, as well as sustaining healthy water-dependent ecosystems and protecting the aesthetic and spiritual values of lakes, rivers, and estuaries. Water resource management also entails managing water-related risks, including floods, drought, and contamination. The complexity of relationships between water and households, economies, and ecosystems, requires integrated management that accounts for the synergies and tradeoffs of water's great number uses and values.

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Jacob, J. (2020). Water Resource Management: Objectives and Policies. Engineering & Technology Review, 1(1), 11-15. Retrieved from (Original work published July 15, 2020)

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