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Ficus racemosa is a traditional medicinal plant found in Southeast Asia and Australia. It is commonly known as 'gular'or ‘Dumur’. Owing to the presence of β-sitosterol it decreases the blood glucose concentration. Many active constituents isolated from different parts of this plant exhibit useful pharmacological activity. The objective of this dissertation is to identify the biological activity of the roots of an indigenous medicinal plant, viz., Ficus racemosa (Family: Moraceae) and to evaluate the possible phytochemical and pharmacological profiles of the crude extracts. Some chemical and biological researches on this plant have been conducted out so far, focusing mainly on the plant's bark and root. That's why the objective of this framework is to assess the different possibilities of developing new therapeutic targets from this plant's fruit that could be crucial for the treatment of many diseases.

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Mohiuddin, A. K., & Lia, S. A. . (2020). Medicinal & Biological Investigations of Ficus Racemosa. Forestry & Agriculture Review, 1(2), 29-81.

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