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While African health sciences librarians’ role as expert searchers is widely recognized, they have much more to contribute to supporting the development and conduct of systematic reviews. Research evidence has indicated that the librarians rarely participate in the development and conduct of systematic reviews because they are either not called upon to be part, or do not have the skills to participate. Moreover, few librarians who have participated are from outside Africa. Keeping this in mind, the Network of African Medical Librarians (NAML) conducted a pre-AHILA Conference training workshop to introduce participants, specifically the librarians, to the systematic review process. The regional conference for health librarians took place in Ibadan, Nigeria from 14-18 October 2019. This paper evaluates the impact of training of African health sciences librarians in the conduct of systematic reviews. Participants' evaluation feedback was collected using pre and post-training surveys. A mixed-method was employed to gather and analyze both quantitative and qualitative data. The results indicated that the main barriers to librarians’ participation in systematic reviews were lack of skills due to insufficient training and lack of time. This paper is expected to encourage the librarians to advocate for further skills development, in addition to their normal information searching roles. Their participation in the systematic review process would make them, not just relevant but dependable collaborators of systematic review teams, as they participate in improving systematic review reporting.

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Kinengyere, A. A., Hussein, H., Ssenono, R. ., & Chande-Mallya, R. . (2020). Building the Capacity of African Health Sciences Librarians in the Development and Conduct of Systematic Reviews: The Initiative of African Medical Librarians. International Science Review, 1(2), 25-33.

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