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Even though the dairy products are not a staple food item, but they are necessary for humans as an excellent source of protein. The consumption of dairy commodities began a long time ago, and over time there has been an improvement in the processing to match the changes in the tastes. Small scale dairy production was the root of today’s dairy sector. However, now it is going on a large scale. This changed gradually through a process accompanied by different factors. This study aimed at identifying and understanding existing determinants and their role behind the change in the dairy sector. For this, peer-reviewed articles published by researchers around the world were obtained with all possible search combinations from reputed online databases. Statistical data were collected from reliable statistical data providers, and all activities were done focusing on the determinants of changing the dairy sector. The regulatory policy framework of dairy-producing countries, change in farm size, shift in consumption pattern, etc. were found as the most crucial factors behind the change. Possible suggestions required to keep pace with this massive change were discussed.

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Amin, M. R., & Palash, M. S. (2020). Determinants of Structural Change in the Dairy Sector. Forestry & Agriculture Review, 1(1), 7-19. (Original work published July 2, 2020)

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