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This study assesses the performances of forest personnel in Akwa Ibom State in meeting their target revenue for the state using qualitative and quantitative approaches. The primary data were obtained using a structured questionnaire, oral interviews, and direct observation, while the secondary data were obtained from all the 31 Divisions and the Directorate of Forestry in Akwa Ibom State. Data collected were analyzed using the descriptive and stochastic frontier analysis to assess efficiency The results obtained showed that the majority of the respondents were male (59.50%), in their economically active and productive age bracket (50.41), attended tertiary education (79.33%), were married (69.42%), had a family size of fewer than 5 members (71.90%), and received a monthly income of 41,000 - 50,000 (42.15%). Also, the majority of the respondents had been in service for 11 – 15 years (30.23%), resided in their stations (72.09%), and received various forms of in-training (65.12%) to enhance their effectiveness or performance. Most of the Uniformed Field staff patrolled their divisions daily with their superior visiting their divisions more than once a month. The majority (53.84%) of the Forest Officers had less than 10 years' experience and their technical efficiency ranged from 0.35 to 0.97. The study, therefore, recommends that a more conducive working environment should be provided for the forest personnel to be able to optimize their performances which would translate to increased revenue generation for the state.

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Nelson, I. U. ., Jacob, D. E., & Udo, E. S. . (2021). Assessment of Forest Personnel Performance in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Forestry & Agriculture Review, 2(1), 6-21.

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