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Implementation of electronic health records by the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health has led to the implementation of electronic dental records in dental offices. The study was conducted to determine the state of implementation and usage of electronic dental records by the private general and pediatric dental practices in Mississippi as well as reasons why the dental practices are not moving forward with the advanced technology. A survey consisting of six research questions was emailed via SurveyMonkey to 712 private general and pediatric dental practices in Mississippi with an invitation to participate in the study: 116 responded (16% response rate) and 104 consented to participate (89.66%). The data collection process transpired over a six-week period (September 18 – October 29, 2017). Results of the survey indicated dental practices in Mississippi using electronic dental records were 46.07%, electronic dental records with paper records were 42.70%, and only paper records were 11.24%. Dissemination of the study results among medical and dental practitioners may raise awareness and thus encourage more dentists to embrace EDRs. The response rate was affected by the number of dental practices that chose not to participate or did not open the survey email as well as the number of emails that were undeliverable. A second limitation was the lack of certainty of collecting all email addresses through the collection method. Third, there was no certainty that the person who responded knew the correct answers.

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A Survey of the Implementation and Usage of Electronic Dental Records in Private Dental Practices in Mississippi. (2020). Healthcare Review, 1(1), 1-11. (Original work published June 28, 2020)

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