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Glaucoma is a category of visual disorders represented by optic nerve neuropathy, a means of gradually declining optic nerve neuropathy. In-ground vision, resulting in sight loss. In this article, a novel retinal therapeutic support vector machine for glaucoma using machine Algorithms for learning is conservative. The algorithm has sufficient pragmatism; the correlation clustering mode is subsequently retained the estimated preparation deterrent on a data set has a 91 percent achievement rate on a data set. Consolidation of 500 realistic resolute and glaucoma retina images; hence, depending on the cluster, the computational advantage of In glaucoma therapy, the overlapping device pedestal on the machine learning algorithm has maximum output.

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PRAKASH, K., & SUDHARSAN, M. (2021). A Mathematical Study of Glaucoma Using Machine Learning Algorithms for Retina. Healthcare Review, 2(1), 24-27. Retrieved from

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