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Nursing training is a blend of both theoretical and practical learning.  Students learn practically in the clinical environment. Despite the progression in nursing education, in some clinical settings, the effective teaching behavior of clinical instructors is absent that affects student learning. The aim of this study is to assess nursing students' perception of a good clinical preceptor. A descriptive cross-sectional study design was used for the study. Data were collected from all 4th year nursing students (n=130) in the Department of Nursing at the Faculty of Medical Technical Sciences, Alzaiem Alazhari University (AAU). The result shows that 68 out of 130 (52.3%) nursing students considered teaching ability as very important followed by competencies 57 (43.8%).



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Hassan, A. A. ., Awad Alkareem, E. M. ., & Fadlalmola, H. (2021). Perception of Nursing Students of a Good Clinical Preceptor: A study on Faculty of Medical Technical Sciences at Alzaiem Alazhari University, Khartoum, Sudan. Healthcare Review, 2(2), 1-9.

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