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The main concern of this paper is to study the spread of infectious diseases in the prey-predator system. For this purpose, a three-species system is considered, and accordingly, a prey-predator model comprising of three compartments is constructed with the disease in the prey population. The three species are Predator, Susceptible Prey, and Infected Prey. The predation functional response is considered to follow modified Holling type II functional response and thus by incorporating the assumptions, the constructed model is a nonlinear three-dimensional dynamical system of ODE. The Positivity, Boundedness, and existence of solutions to the model have been verified. Stability analysis of all possible equilibrium points of the model has been carried out by imposing different restrictions. Local and global stability of disease-free and endemic equilibrium points have been verified with the help of variation matrix and Liapunove functions respectively. The basic reproduction number is computed. Realistic values are assigned to the parameters and numerical simulations are obtained using DEDiscover software which approves the analytical results.

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Bezabih, A. . ., Edessa, G. . ., & Rao, K. . . (2021). Eco-epidemiological Model of Prey-predator System. International Science Review, 2(1), 7-20. Retrieved from

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