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Due to the vast pharmacological activity of Coumarins derivatives the viscosity, ultrasonic velocity and density of 7-hydroxy-4-phenyl-2H-chromen-2-one has been measured in 70:30 (v/v) Acetone–water, 70:30 (v/v) DMF-water and 70:30 (v/v) DMSO-water with different concentration of 7-hydroxy-4-phenyl-2H-chromen-2-one at temperature 308.15K.To know the various interaction the various thermo acoustical parameter like free volume, isentropic compressibility, Relative association, acoustic impedance, free volume, Available volume, and Sound velocity number is calculated from experimental data of ultrasonic velocity, viscosity, and densities. The changes in values of this parameter with the change concentration of solute represent the different types of interaction such as solute-solvent interaction, solvent-solvent, and dipole-dipole interactions present in the solutions.

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Chaudhari, P. S. ., & Thakare, A. R. . (2021). Thermo Acoustical Study of 7-Hydroxy-4-Phenyl-2H-Chromen-2-One in Acetone-Water, DMF-Water and DMSO-Water At 308.15K. International Science Review, 2(1), 21-29. Retrieved from

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