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Densities and viscosities of binary and ternary electrolytes solution have been determined experimentally at 298.15 K.  The results obtained from density and viscosity measurement have been used to calculate apparent molar volume φv partial molar volume φov at infinite dilution, relative viscosities hrel, A and B coefficients, and free energies of activation of viscous flow of solvent Δ µ10# and solute Δ µ20. The results are discussed in terms of the dehydration effect of the weak ion-ion and strong ion-solvent interactions. The properties of these systems are discussed in terms of the charge, size, and hydrogen bonding effect.

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Akhtar, Y. (2021). Mutual Comparison Studies of Mono and Di Cations in Binary and Ternary Aqueous Electrolytes Solution at 298.15 K. International Science Review, 2(1), 30-36.

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